March 27, 2020

One for creativity, One for your soul.

by Peter McKinnon

“Is everyone’s hair starting to look longer and more unkempt? I wonder how everyone’s gonna look when we come out of this finally.

I’ve been trying to think about different ways I can encourage and help you guys get through this time while you stay at home using the creativity that you have inside. Using the things that I’ve taught you, other things that you’ve learned. Things you already know. To keep those creative juices flowing. Because I think that’s what’s important when you’re kind of confined. When you’re cooped up. When you have nowhere to go and you’re being told to stay in one area. That’s hard for the creative mind to process.

You see the creativity is just so massive and free and expansive when you’re told to just contain that. It can do one of two things. One it can spark a fire and you just start going through different creative exercises things that are making you use that muscle. And two …”

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Last update: August 7, 2020