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While the entire world is struggling to fight the pandemic the corona virus COVID-19 has caused (and Bill Gates has predicted in 2015), my mum's favorite saying came to my mind: "You can't survive on love and air alone". Both of them may be of short supply these days. And as creatives ourselves, we know that there is at least one more ingredient to the equation to stay sane: our creative supply.

That's why we here at Octily, decided to collect the very few gems which will arise out of those catastrophic events to tease and tickle our wandering minds. All the while we stay at home and cross all the fingers we have, that everything will be back to normal very soon.

Stay home, stay safe and be inspired ✌

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August 5, 2020

Moonwalk - A Sony Alpha Film Shot on Sony a7S III

by Renan Ozturk & Taylor Rees

This short film by Sony Artisans Renan Ozturk & Taylor Rees pushes the new Sony a7S III camera to its limits in pursuit of a once-in-a-lifetime image.

“This whole project is a tribute to the art form of climbing and highlining,” explains Ozturk. “We’ve shot the world record highline and this same valley before, but realized that the most powerful artistic image here is a shorter line to really get the sense of the landscape. You don’t just want a person on the line and in space, you need to see more – and that’s where the dynamic range of the α7S III comes in.”

“We took a risk with the interviews for the film and shot them in the dark. We couldn’t see anything out there, we had on headlamps. But then when we looked through the Sony α7S III and we could see stuff. It was like having night vision.”

via Brian Smith

March 31, 2020

Blues Guitarist and Singer Mike Zito Made an Album While in Quarantine, and it's Available Now for Free

by Mike Zito

“While flying home from Europe after all of our tours being cancelled, I decided the band and myself would record a free album for our fans. Individually we have been quarantined for 14 days and this idea of writing, producing and releasing an album in the 14 day period seemed like quite an effort and a distraction for us. In return fans from around the world contributed to our Gofundme and it has been an amazingly rewarding experience.

I had been playing with these 3 chords and this title for a month leading up to this life changing event. I knew I liked the simple melody and meaning behind the saying. Little did I know the world would literally change in the next 30 days. When I got home and began my quarantine, this is the first song I wrote and it wrote itself in minutes. I am so proud my son Zach stepped in and created a music video that shares the emotion of this song. I truly hope people will hear the song and follow the advice I have been giving myself Don’t let the world get you down

Quarantine Blues is now available in its entirety, absolutely FREE via SoundCloud.”

via Mike Zito

March 27, 2020

One for creativity, One for your soul.

by Peter McKinnon

“Is everyone’s hair starting to look longer and more unkempt? I wonder how everyone’s gonna look when we come out of this finally.

I’ve been trying to think about different ways I can encourage and help you guys get through this time while you stay at home using the creativity that you have inside. Using the things that I’ve taught you, other things that you’ve learned. Things you already know. To keep those creative juices flowing. Because I think that’s what’s important when you’re kind of confined. When you’re cooped up. When you have nowhere to go and you’re being told to stay in one area. That’s hard for the creative mind to process.

You see the creativity is just so massive and free and expansive when you’re told to just contain that. It can do one of two things. One it can spark a fire and you just start going through different creative exercises things that are making you use that muscle. And two …”

March 27, 2020

Dear Hamburg - #Zuhause #stayhome #corona

by Justaddsugar

“Wie der ganze Planet stehen wir Hamburger vor einer großen Herausforderung. Trotzt der Ungewissheit, ist jetzt nicht die Zeit den Kopf in den Sand zu stecken - ganz im Gegenteil. Gerade jetzt erwarten wir Hamburger mit voller Hoffnung die Zukunft.

Jetzt ist die Zeit zu zeigen: Wir sind noch hier! Aus diesem Grund haben wir von Justaddsugar im Rahmen einer Initiative mit Filmschaffenden, Kreativen und Freelancern aus Hamburg zusammengeschlossen, um eine Hommage an die schönste Stadt der Welt zu halten. Eine Verbeugung vor den Menschen dieser sonst so lebendigen Metropole, die zusammenhalten und alles dafür tun, gemeinsam aus dieser Situation zu kommen. Danke, an alle Helfer. Danke, an alle die sich an die Regeln halten. Danke Hamburg, dass du Zuhause bist! #stayhome #staysafe #zuhause #corona”

via André Vatter

March 27, 2020

die ärzte – Ein Lied für Jetzt (offizielles Video)

by die ärzte

“Ein Lied für drinnen. Ein Lied für Stubenhocker. Für Matratzentester. Für Couchpotatoes. Ein Lied für Endlich-Plattensammlung-digitalisieren. Für Mal-wieder-Küche-wischen. Für Alle-Satellitensender-neu-sortieren. Ein Lied für Die Sendung mit der Maus. Für Telelernen. Für Skype-Schulstunden. Ein Lied für Händewaschen. Für anderthalb Meter. Für die Armbeuge. Ein Lied für Krankenschwestern und -brüder. Für den Bereitschaftsdienst. Ein Lied für Johns Hopkins. Für Robert Koch. Für Christian Drosten. Für Max Planck. Ein Lied für Solidarität. Ein Lied für alle. Ein Lied für Jetzt. Ein Lied für dich.”

via Daniel

March 27, 2020

Teesy - Home (Official Video)

by Teesy

“Anfang März fliegt Teesy zu seinem Freund Cro nach Bali, für ein paar Tage Auszeit, wenig später steht eine weltweite Krise vor der Tür, die auch vor Urlaub und Freundschaft nicht Halt macht. Die Gedanken um die Menschheit im Großen und Freunde im Kleinen, beschäftigen Teesy auch in der Quarantäne Balis. Es entsteht “Home”, eine Hommage an die Hoffnung und die Zukunft, seine Gedanken zum Moment und zu dem was ihn in dieser Zeit bewegt.”

via Theres

March 26, 2020

Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on

by colinfurze

“They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how’s it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.”

March 25, 2020

Building the World's Weirdest Fan

by DIY Perks

“I’m in an experimental mood and thought I’d try building a modern bellows system! Will it work? Let’s find out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy build! It’s been a wild journey trying to get this video released - firstly with the delays caused by the ideas that didn’t work, and then ultimately by a HARD DRIVE FAILURE! Literally ALL the footage in this video was lost, and it was only thanks to some great data recovery fellows that you’re seeing this at all. Backup system implemented now, fyi ;) because of these delays, this is actually quite an old video now (like 1 year) but I’m glad it’s able to see the light of day as I think the final result is SUPER COOL! In hind sight I may not have started this project of perseverance, but it taught me such a lot in terms of which projects to make to show you guys and how experimental I can ultimately risk being. I know that basically none of you will make this, but the methodology ultimately settled upon is interesting and might have many more use cases. Either way it makes for interesting watching, so I hope you all enjoy it! ~Matt”

March 24, 2020

Coronavirus Has Hospitals in Desperate Need of Equipment. These Innovators Are Racing to Help.

by New York Times

“Health care workers are facing a serious shortage of critical equipment needed to treat the coronavirus. We spoke to the makers who are building innovative protective gear and ventilators for them.”

March 23, 2020

San Francisco Shut Down: COVID-19 Quarantine

by Dan Denegre (Space Race Studio)

“San Francisco shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Driving through San Francisco during the pandemic is jaw dropping. Thankfully few people are outside (I wasn’t even close to a person), but seeing the shops boarded up is tough to see. I made sure the drone wasn’t a nuisance to anyone while shooting this short documentary of this…very weird time in San Francisco.”

via Atomlabor

March 22, 2020

Lockdown (Frankfurt/Main, Germany)

by Haussmann Visuals

“Downtown Frankfurt as most of Germany is turned into a ghost town. Eerie athmosphere in this normally busy city.

This video was shot on Sunday morning between 7am and 8am. No imagery in this video has been altered. It was all edited as shot.”

via Atomlabor

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